New York - September 5, 2012


Fiorentini + Baker to host exhibition of legendary photographer Cornel Lucas

The New York location will feature over 25 works both modern and original, vintage prints

New York City – September 2012: A retrospective exhibition of work by legendary, British photographer Cornel Lucas will be held at the Fiorentini + Baker store and show room. The extensive show will feature both modern and original vintage prints of some of the world’s most celebrated film stars – spanning nearly 5 decades. This is the very first time the British photographer, who will be celebrating his 92nd birthday as the exhibition opens, will have his iconic work displayed in New York.

During his seventy-year career Lucas has photographed some of the world’s greatest film stars both at Pinewood Studios, in London and on film locations all over the world. Marlene Dietrich was arguably his most renowned sitter and the first of many legendary faces Lucas immortalised at the height of their stardom. Described in the Royal Academy Magazine as ‘one of the greatest British portrait photographers of the 20th century’, Lucas has shot Brigitte Bardot, Joan Collins, Katherine Hepburn, Jean Simmons, Claudia Cardinale, David Niven, Lauren Bacall, Fellini, Gregory Peck, Diana Dors, Steven Spielberg and many more celebrated names, all captured in his trademark film-noir chic.

His images epitomise the style and glamour of an era and it was this unique encapsulation of that time, which appealed to British born designer and founder of the fashion brand Fiorentini + Baker - Deborah Baker, prompting her to invite Lucas to exhibit at her flagship Mercer Street store and show room in New York City.

‘When I first saw Cornel’s work in a London gallery I was instantly mesmerised by the beauty and style of the images,’ Explains the designer. ‘They chronicle an era of style and glamour that I really admire and since seeing his work its originality has really inspired me – we’re very proud to be hosting this exciting exhibition.’

Lucas was the master of the 12 x 10 large format plate camera, creating stunning, rich portraits, which are full of life and luminosity. Lucas is the only photographer ever to receive a BAFTA in honour of his services to the film industry.

‘I was 10yrs old when my mother gave me a Kodak Brownie camera. This and my having six sisters as captive sitters was the beginning of my life in photography. My immediate desire was to use light and shade to bring beauty and sensuality to my subjects’. Explains Lucas. ‘Working in the film industry during the earlier part of my career, I was greatly influenced by the top film directors and cinematographers, both British and American. I’m thrilled to have an exhibition in New York as this will be an all time first for me and I would like to thank Deborah Baker for kindly giving me this wonderful opportunity.’

The extensive exhibition will open on 5th September with a private viewing and will run until XX November at Fiorentini + Baker 54 Mercer Street, Soho, NYC. All of the portraits both vintage and modern prints will be available for sale.

Cornell Lucas Collection