Photographer Janette Beckman and curator Julie Grahame turned to their circle of friends and colleagues for submissions to this fresh exhibition that opens to the public October 11, 2019. All prints will be for sale. 

The 'SHOES' exhibition features original photographs by:  

Alice Arnold, Bob Gruen, Bill Bernstein, Benjamin Oliver, Catherine McGann, Danny Clinch, Debra Scherer, Eric Johnson, Federico Possati, Gudrun Georges, Henny Garfunkel, Joe Conzo, Jonathan Mannion, Mike Schreiber, Michael Lavine, Michael Sharkey, Michael Benabib, Phil Penman, Rayon Richards, Ricky Flores, Rob Hann, Roger Jazilek, and Beckman herself. 

Footwear is universal, and this exhibition includes a variety, from rock stars Lady GaGa, Nicki Minaj, Run DMC and the New York Dolls, to kids on the New York subway, the streets of Nepal, roller skaters, silk stockings with high heels, cheerleaders in white boots, folk art in the desert, and more - people around the world wake up every morning and decide what to put on their feet! Across the globe there are museum exhibits dedicated to foot wear, from sneakers to platform shoes, fetish, and workwear.

The exhibition runs from Thursday October 11th to Saturday November 30th, 2019.

This exhibition is hosted and supported by FIORENTINI+BAKER.

The brand was founded in 2001 by English born designer Deborah Baker.

Her inspiration is often derived from images to do with counter cultures across the world. That is why

the meeting with Janette Beckman was so auspicious and why this exhibition is so relevant . A real

insight into different worlds where you realise that the footwear is important to complete the picture .

British-born photographer Janette Beckman began her career at the dawn of punk rock working for music magazines The Face and Melody Maker. She shot bands from The Clash to Boy George as well as three Police album covers. Moving to New York City in 1983 she was drawn to the underground hip-hop scene and photographed pioneers such as Run DMC, Slick Rick, Salt’n’Pepa, Grand Master Flash and LL Cool J. 

Her work has been shown in galleries worldwide. She is represented by the Fahey Klein Gallery in Los Angeles. Beckman lives and works in New York for clients including Levi’s and Dior.  She is currently working on a series of portraits of the "Extraordinary People" that wear Fiorentini & Baker shoes.

Also born in the UK, Julie Grahame is an independent curator and consultant. She has licensed thousands of images, reviewed hundreds of portfolios, sold untold prints, judged dozens of competitions and published a handful of websites, including her pride and joy, full screen photography magazine aCurator. Grahame also represents the estate of legendary photographer Yousuf Karsh. 

54 Mercer Street, New York, NY, 10013

Exhibition open during store hours: Monday - Saturday 11am - 7pm, Sunday 12pm - 6pm