Bologna - October 10, 2012



"I'm Not Like You" is a collection of 13 limited edition T-Shirts (1/500) printed and stamped by hand with images created on Instagram, the hip photographic social network which now has over 50 million users taking pictures and sharing a piece of their world.
The "I'm Not Like You" collection is made of natural cotton, dyed with vintage colours, but it is also a life experience to discover on the web through the "tag" for each model (for example, the series of numbers # murderbynumbers, cafes # infinitetaste, or high heels # heels). Every instant is a "moment", encapsulated within a "frame", a 'film still' which has yet to be imagined.


“I'm Not Like You” comes from Vittorio Bongiorno's pen and Marisa Bernardoni's hands.
Vittorio, a Sicilian writer and musician, is the author of “I'm Not Like You”, the story of music and upbringing which inspired the collection that incorporates the logo of the 500 copies published in limited edition. Vittorio, who was discovered by the Italian journalist and critic Fernanda Pivano (“...who has reached our hearts with his originality...”, from Corriere della Sera newspaper) after having reviewed “The Good Son" (Rizzoli, 2006) a starkly realistic, must-read novel, followed recently by “The Duka in Sicily “(Einaudi, 2011), a story about music and life in Palermo in the 1970s.

Marisa is a unique, unconventional designer from Bologna who began her career in the late 80s with “WP Lavori in corso”, releasing famous, high-level brands onto the market (from) the likes of Abercrombie, Woolrich, Barbour and Vans, going from design to street style and, ultimately, on to what reflects her true nature the most: 10 years of research related to vintage materials. After sifting through old clothes in markets all over the world, the fabrics are then reworked into her creations which then become exclusive accessories and one-of-a-kind pieces under the brand “LIFE IS MEMORY”; confirmation of her existential, signature style. Marisa currently designs the line of accessories for Fiorentini + Baker.


“I'm Not Like You” is produced and distributed by Giovanna Guglielmi of Bologna (www.giovannaguglielmi.com). She is not only a designer, but a true artisan of fabric, who is masterfully capable of transforming ideas into unique items. She was the first to believe in the ingenuity of these artists and in their visionary dream: in fact, the brand continues to thrive on the web: on www.imnotlikeyou.it, on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, with each of the 13 images telling their own story in the form of images, texts, videos and music to share. An experience which has never before been made possible; one which opens up an infinite world where each and everyone can be a protagonist.


“I’M NOT LIKE YOU”, available from September 2012.


Every picture tells a story which is unique, but also universal. “I'm Not Like You”, because everyone is unique and different, but when together, can live out dreams with others: a melding of writing, images, music, colours, fabrics, and moments of life to wear.

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