East London - June 2014


When told to hold your hands up, you may think it's a hold up! In reality, this cry conceals the most human and maybe spiritual gesture that we can make... To raise our hands to the sky and invoke our hearts' desire. Yes, that's what we all want, but in reality forget to do. Stop where you are, put your hands to the sky, here comes VATICANA !
Irony and paradox guide the spirit of the Vaticana line, taking inspiration from the very first "Made in Italy": Vaticano italiano. In the distant past, when the people's only  thought was to cover themselves rather than dress for dinner, it was the ecclesiastic hierarchy that first refined their image. Using fine materials they created the premises for the style and elegance essential to the idealization of their priestly status in contact with the divine. Now the divine has assumed a female form. In Vaticana.
Every Vaticana creation comes to light through half-closed eyes, in a kind of existential suspension... pressing lightly on the iris to liberate a universe of colour capable of receiving, superimposing, crossing exacration with high-intensity visuals.
The secret spark of a Vaticana creation is always lost to the world. So sartorial surprise can commune with public wonder. While conferring the gift of virginity in a unique, unrepeatable act, each individual article is imagined in kaleidoscopic improvisation. As unforgettable as a first kiss... Or a first arrest!
Vaticana is the sacred site of transience. Free from every identification between idea and form, between aesthetic object and living experience.
This is the chosen space of SILVIA SPADA and ANDREA RENZINI. Of their vision of dress as thought in movement.
Vaticana is conceived as a non-place for a deliberately evasive world of creation,  "handmade somewhere in italy"... Their manifesto of a heretical wandering that floats beyond every spatial or temporal aesthetic.
Painter, experimental musician and performance artist, ANDREA RENZINI is one of the most anomalous and eclectic Italian artists of his generation. SILVIA SPADA, his real-life accomplice, is the  electric lady of the sewing machine, endowed with a refined instinct for the expression of tessile experiences mediated through objets trouvés -‒ from silk scarves to parachutes in a kind of bizarre line for minds sprinkled with superfine sensibility and nonchalant clothes sense. Dressing stars, superstars, galactic nuns, and moon-riding babes.
Together they've been cutting, sewing and creating Vaticana wear since eternity, strolling the edges of swimming pools far from the ganglia of society. Vaticana is found only in the most cryptic boutiques. And even then, not in all. Maybe you will find us in Bologna or Capri, New York or Los Angeles. Or here in London...

To mark their London debut at FIORENTINI&BAKER Silvia and Andrea have chosen a new collection that includes a fresh line of jackets and silk scarves titled "No/Made", their classic "Smack" bomber jackets, a varied selection of bat-shirts, t-uniques and evening wear, as well as  "Apostolic" - a limited edition multi-color leather skirt designed especially for FIORENTINI&BAKER.
The faithful will receive Opuscolo vaticana, a pocket bible and breviary -‒ a liturgical book miniatured with fluid images that flow like a ceremony through the different souls of their journey. In art, in music, in fashion.

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